Rogue Dude’s goal is to build a community around the fun and tradition that is hunting and fishing. At Rogue Dude, we want our customers to share their experiences and tribulations with the rest of the Rogue Dude family, encouraging each other to be more active in the outdoor lifestyle, helping build the brand as a whole, from the ground up. 

The Rogue Dude Lifestyle incorporates the excitement behind the true backcountry and wild water experiences. Whether it be winter or summer, hunting or fishing, we know that a true Rogue Dude will always be there to enjoy what nature has to offer. This includes the thrill of tracking down your best shot ever or reeling in the catch of your life. We will be there with to share your joy and appreciate your accomplishments.

If your passion is outdoors, wear Rogue Dude swag while you’re living it. Your order is made-to-order in Oregon.  We are driven by a desire to give our Rogue Dude family members swag that is inspired by our passion for the experiences only found in the outdoors. We are determined to make sure you wear gear that reminiscent of a time when nature was in its purest form and excellence was found in all aspects of a product.


We welcome you to our Rogue Dude Family


Cory Staniforth